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Tank tom

Terry Marner, more commonly known as the Tank, was a common Gear with one big difference.

At the age of 13, Terry was elected to become a Gear and soon raised his ranks. He was well known by everyone, as at 17, he became a Brigadier General. At one point, he was a higher position than Hoffman, but then it happened. On a convoy to Jacinto from a supply drop the convoy was hit by a Lambent battle explosion. With half of his crew dead, 2 fatally injured and 3 bleeding, Terry limped, with one leg and half of his right arm missing, he kept fighting with his lancer, protecting his team from certain death. He found a signal flare and launched it into the sky with a mortar. Help arrived but Terry was nearly dead. Terry was rushed into emergency services and put into life supporting armour, helping him to breathe and walk. He still fights today, but Terrys amazing recovery and courage was given a medal, for supporting the ranks and rooks.

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