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13th Royal Tyran Infantry
Unit Background

Offensive/Defensive/Occupational force



Unit size

1,200 Gears

Subordinate Units
  • 1st Battalion
    • A Company
    • B Company
    • C Company
  • 2nd Battalion
    • D Company
    • E Company
    • F Company
  • 3rd Battalion
    • G Company
    • H Company
    • I Company
  • 4th Battalion
    • K Company
    • L Company
    • M Company

Colonel Charles Courtney

Current Status



The 13th Royal Tyran Infantry was a regiment in the COG Army. The unit served with distinction during the Pendulum Wars, but was almost completely destroyed on Emergence Day while defending the major Tyran city of Dalabaia. The remnants of the unit would go on to fight in many other battles before the final surviving member of the unit, Corporal Stanley Rucker, was killed during the Fall of Turin.


In early 83 B.E., after several years of border skirmishes, the two major powers on Sera, the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Union of Independent Republics began a large series of military build-ups in preparation for open war. This included a mass expansion of the Army's infantry units, one of which was the 13th Royal Tyran Infantry Regiment, descended from a unit of Tyran's Royal Army from its time as a monarchy. The 13th RTI had been deactivated for almost forty years, but was reactivated due to the influx of new soldiers entering the Coalition Army.

Personnel as of 0 A.E.Edit

1st BattalionEdit

A CompanyEdit

Oscar-Three ElevenEdit
  • SFC Robert S. Long
  • Cpl Carl B. Garcia
  • Pvt Michael K. Sinclair
  • Pvt James P. Smith
How-Ten Eighty NineEdit
  • Lt Rodney N. Willett
  • Cpl Karen P. Peters
  • Pvt Robert C. Figueiredo
  • Pvt Paul M. Kolodziej
Foxtrot-Five Eighty FiveEdit
  • Sgt Betsy B. Eisenhart
  • Spc Ronald T. Clayton
  • Spc Marcus S. Roache
  • Pvt Albert S. Johnson
Baker-Sixteen EightyEdit
  • Sgt Matthew M. Bond
  • Cpl Amy J. Riggs
  • Pvt William S. Williams
  • Pvt Patricia D. Beresford
George-Fourteen Sixty SixEdit
  • Sgt Shannon M. Garcia
  • Cpl Ronald M. Kurth
  • Pvt Sara D. Haines
  • Pvt Fred J. Danner
Yankee-Three Sixty FiveEdit
  • Sgt Simone D. Kiser
  • Cpl Shirley C. Davis
  • Pvt Louie K. Heaton
  • Pvt Arthur N. Hendrickson
Alpha-Nineteen Thirty FiveEdit
  • SFC Oscar W. Cleary
  • Cpl Percy D. Miranda
  • Spc Abdul M. Shand
  • Spc Duane C. Ortiz
Charlie-Seventeen Seventy FiveEdit
  • Lt Rickey H. Miller
  • Cpl Jacinto D. Rivet
  • Pvt Steven J. Crocker
  • Pvt Keith A. Grooms
Queen-Ten EighteenEdit
  • Sgt Jamie J. Huggins
  • Cpl Willie S. Sanchez
  • Pvt Patrick R. Young
  • Pvt Carol J. Barry
Gamma-Fourteen FifteenEdit
  • Sgt Stephen D. Douglas
  • Cpl James B. Guerrier
  • Pvt Lora M. Williams
  • Pvt Edith W. Jones
Zulu-Sixty TwoEdit
  • Sgt Jose T. Connors
  • Cpl John S. King
  • Pvt Alan T. Sherman
  • Pvt Shannon G. Segrest
Roger-Fifteen Ninety NineEdit
  • SFC Corazon G. Selby
  • Cpl Mark J. Pacheco
  • Pvt John M. Sparks
  • Pvt Keith I. Tompkins
  • Lt Peggy W. Miranda
  • Cpl Nicole J. Montague
  • Pvt Paul T. Bell
  • Pvt Harold T. Martinez
Mike-Thirteen NinetyEdit
  • Sgt Howard J. Ramey
  • Cpl Renee P. Perrodin
  • Pvt Edward E. Thomas
  • Pvt Andrew S. Moore
Dog-Twelve ThirtyEdit
  • Sgt Daniel T. Padilla
  • Cpl Woodrow L. Abrego
  • Pvt Curt G. Pearson
  • Pvt Donald S. Destefano
Romeo-Ten SixtyEdit
  • Lt Jared K. Wallace
  • Cpl Jeffrey E. Johnson
  • Pvt Christopher C. Updike
  • Pvt Robert D. Briggs
Victor-Eighteen Seventy OneEdit
  • SFC Gary N. Hayward
  • Cpl Max S. Warfield
  • Pvt Charles D. Haden
  • Pvt Merle R. Fuhrman
Sierra-Twelve Seventy SixEdit
  • Sgt Walter U. Matis
  • Cpl Joseph G. Rossman
  • Pvt Clara D. Grainger
  • Pvt Walter G. Riggs
King-Eighteen Twenty FourEdit
  • Sgt Cynthia T. Totten
  • Cpl Jennie J. Ramsey
  • Pvt Frank P. Rugg
  • Pvt Stuart S. Brown
Delta-Nine Eighty OneEdit
  • Sgt Michael M. Robinson
  • Cpl Terrence C. Thayer
  • Pvt Paul T. Mobley
  • Pvt Charles J. Gouge
Tango-Ten Twenty ThreeEdit
  • Sgt Richard V. Hafer
  • Cpl Catherine H. Cravens
  • Pvt Jamie P. Wachtel
  • Pvt Michael R. Matthews
Lima-Seventeen Eighty FourEdit
  • Sgt Joseph E. Acosta
  • Cpl Celina L. Williams
  • Pvt Robert C. Andrews
  • Pvt Linda W. Durr
Iota-Eight Fifty TwoEdit
  • Sgt Tiffany D. Avery
  • Cpl John B. West
  • Pvt Roxann R. Smith
  • Pvt Jason C. Bell
X-Ray-Eleven Zero EightEdit
  • Lt Josephine D. Williams
  • Cpl Sandra H. Bodin
  • Pvt Guadalupe J. Storey
  • Pvt William B. Muncy
Beta-Seventeen Eighty SixEdit
  • SFC Charles M. Teague
  • Cpl Jorge C. Lavigne
  • Pvt Larry M. Harris
  • Pvt Nancy S. Bledsoe

B CompanyEdit

Dog-Nineteen Twenty SixEdit
  • Sgt Trent R. Pittman
  • Cpl Travis M. Jenner
  • Pvt Elizabeth R. Wiltz
  • Pvt Christie R. Robles
Chi-Nineteen Fifty ThreeEdit
  • Lt Ada K. Carr
  • Cpl Carl J. See
  • Pvt Miles| M. Parsons
  • Pvt Sheryl S. Gonzalez
Quebec-Seventeen Ninety SevenEdit
  • SFC Ellen L. Back
  • Cpl Joshua L. Richards
  • Pvt Angela D. Foster
  • Pvt Marvin R. Molina
Delta-Five Seventy EightEdit
  • Sgt Pricilla J. Zigler
  • Cpl Nathan M. Grant
  • Pvt Daniella A. Fox
  • Pvt Clifford R. Ferguson
Kilo-Thirteen FourteenEdit
  • Sgt Richard J. Phillips
  • Cpl Pamela N. Thompson
  • Pvt Mable D. Smith
  • Pvt Stephen C. Ware
November-Nine TwelveEdit
  • Sgt Charles C. Crooks
  • Cpl Stacy R. Hammon
  • Pvt Terrance J. Davis
  • Pvt Justin R. Braithwaite
Omicron-Two Sixty FourEdit
  • SFC Bethany C. Felix
  • Cpl Tammara J. Harms
  • Pvt Carolyn J. Avila
  • Pvt Lorraine L. Cummings
Charlie-Eighteen Forty OneEdit
  • Lt James N. Smallwood
  • Cpl Michael M. Houghton
  • Pvt Herbert P. Winger
  • Pvt Edward D. Labarbera
X-Ray-Seventeen Forty FiveEdit
  • Sgt Lance M. Beringer
  • Cpl Lawrence B. Vidrine
  • Pvt Joshua S. Brown
  • Pvt Joan T. Glenn
Foxtrot-Three Sixty SixEdit
  • Sgt Joseph N. Lange
  • Cpl Jason F. Schaefer
  • Pvt Jefferson L. Badger
  • Pvt James T. Stanley
India-Eight Ninety FiveEdit
  • Lt John J. Harris
  • Cpl Ralph K. Rader
  • Pvt Shawn E. Rossignol
  • Pvt Eddie V. Ayon
Mu-Two Zero FiveEdit
  • SFC Lillian J. Hawkins
  • Cpl Peter T. Gray
  • Pvt Raymond I. Ouellette
  • Pvt Lyle M. Denny
Rho-Fifteen Eighty NineEdit
  • Sgt Mark L. Berkowitz
  • Cpl Nicholas R. Rudolph
  • Pvt Michael A. Leibowitz
  • Pvt Jim S. Puckett
Lambda-Seventeen Ninety OneEdit
  • Sgt Richard L. Nealon
  • Cpl Sal M. Jeffries
  • Pvt Graham L. Stoughton
  • Pvt Meghan M. Carlson
Sigma-Eighteen Thirty EightEdit
  • Sgt Julia J. Chance
  • Cpl Joseph S. Wirth
  • Pvt Charles B. Burbank
  • Pvt Elisha M. Buggs
Bravo-Fifteen ElevenEdit
  • Sgt Harmony T. Shellenbarger
  • Cpl Michael M. Mitchell
  • Pvt Vincent L. Fraley
  • Pvt David M. Byrd
Phi-Sixteen Ninety FourEdit
  • Sgt Todd I. Perkins
  • Cpl Bonnie L. Rice
  • Pvt Tresa R. Kindred
  • Pvt James B. Sullivan
Omega-Thirteen Seventy ThreeEdit
  • Sgt Michelle W. Gomez
  • Cpl John B. Davis
  • Pvt Harold R. Norman
  • Pvt Marvin C. Castleberry
Fox-Four Seventy OneEdit
  • SFC Shawn L. Adams
  • Cpl Anthony D. Muir
  • Pvt Elouise J. Ham
  • Pvt Johnnie K. Beard
Zeta-Five Fifty SevenEdit
  • Lt Ronald S. Sosa
  • Cpl Karen D. Hoffmann
  • Pvt David B. Cockrell
  • Pvt Evelyn M. Klein
Oscar-Sixteen Twenty NineEdit
  • Sgt Martin J. Schaper
  • Cpl Roy R. Lancaster
  • Pvt Janice S. Case
  • Pvt Matt A. Langhorne
Eta-Five Fifty OneEdit
  • Sgt Tyler C. Oberry
  • Cpl Norma M. Aguilera
  • Pvt Ronald B. Hambrick
  • Pvt Salvatore J. Green
Gamma-Five FourteenEdit
  • Sgt Jeremy A. Oja
  • Cpl Phoebe H. Lopez
  • Pvt Nathaniel E. McPherson
  • Pvt Jonathan M. Brink
Beta-Sixteen Forty SixEdit
  • SFC John P. Soltis
  • Cpl Lisa R. Meyer
  • Pvt Lora A. McCoy
  • Pvt Shane H. Adkins
Upsilon-Twenty OneEdit
  • Lt Andrew C. Ross
  • Cpl Clyde S. Morse
  • Pvt William R. King
  • Pvt Edward L. Radcliffe

C CompanyEdit

Upsilon-Four EighteenEdit
Gamma-Eighty NineEdit
Victor-Twenty SevenEdit
Bravo-Eight TwelveEdit
Mike-Five Ninety FiveEdit
Quebec-One Zero SixEdit
November-One Sixty SixEdit
Whiskey-One Sixty ThreeEdit
Mike-Four Eighty OneEdit
November-Four Seventy TwoEdit
Hotel-Six Eighty TwoEdit
Bravo-Seven NinetyEdit
Foxtrot-Four Forty NineEdit
Victor-One Seventy FourEdit
Romeo-Eighty SevenEdit
Eta-Thirty OneEdit
Tau-Eight Zero NineEdit
Mike-Two FortyEdit
Kilo-Nine ElevenEdit
Mike-Three Twenty FourEdit
Zeta-Three Zero ThreeEdit
Whiskey-Six Twenty EightEdit

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