This article, 2nd Onyx Guard Infantry, was written by Lieutenant Davis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

2nd Onyx Guard Infantry
Unit Background

Shock Infantry/Special Operations


Fort Andrew E. Harland

Unit size

1,200 Onyx Guard

Subordinate Units
  • 1st Battalion
    • A Company
    • B Company
    • C Company
  • 2nd Battalion
    • D Company
    • E Company
    • F Company
  • 3rd Battalion
    • G Company
    • H Company
    • I Company
  • 4th Battalion
    • K Company
    • L Company
    • M Company

Colonel Marlin Meadows

Current Status



The 2nd Onyx Guard Infantry was an infantry regiment in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army, specifically the elite Onyx Guard. One of the original Onyx Guard units, the 2nd can trace their lineage back to the old Tyran Monarchy, as such, they had a long and proud history and many Tyran Guardsmen consider it an extreme honor to be assigned to the regiment.



1st BattalionEdit

A CompanyEdit

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