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323rd Specialist Group
Unit Background
  • Special warfare
  • Paramilitary operations
  • Bozragod (20 B.E.—0 A.E.)
  • Wayzatti (0 A.E.—)
Unit size

Approximately 300 men

  • Apruto Leznorov (20 B.E.—7 B.E.)
  • Zorad Federin (7 B.E.—2 B.E.)
  • Olin Bucharov (2 B.E.—29 A.E.)
  • Zev Bucharov (29 A.E.—)

The 323rd Specialist Group, more commonly known as the Bulldogs, were a feared UIR military unit hailing from the nation of Gorasnaya. Following the Fall of Gorasnaya at the hands of Karn in 0 A.E., the 323rd deserted under the leadership of their Captain, Olin Bucharov, and fled to the remote mountain region of Wayzatti. There, they held out against the Locust and later the Lambent for seventeen years. They were discovered by the reorganized Coalition of Ordered Govenments in 26 A.E. after an expeditionary unit from New Ephyra ran into them while exploring Wayzatti for its potential for housing a new COG Settlement, and the Bulldogs responded violently, still hateful of the COG after the Pendulum Wars.

In 33 A.E., Zev Bucharov, son of Olin Bucharov and newly-appointed leader of the 323rd, was approached by Colonel Colin Davis of the newfound Confederation of Ordered Governments, who asked for the 323rd's support against the Coalition, a request to which Zev and his men reluctantly agreed.

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