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Abegail Beckett was a born in the COG birthing creches in 15 A.E. in the city of Jacinto. Shortly after her birth, her mother, Ginette Wilhelm, was killed by the Locust during the Siege of Jacinto. She was found in the ruins of the creche in her dead mother's arms by Corporal Hubert Beckett, who took her with him and his family to Vectes, where he and his wife Rebecca began raising Abegail as their own child.

Abegail would grow up believing herself to be the Becketts' biological daughter, eventually moving to the rebuilt city-state of Ephyra sometime after the end of the war. However, upon his death bed in 37 A.E., dying of terminal cancer, Hubert revealed to Abegail the true nature of her birth. Shocked by this startling revelation, Abegail began to dig into her past in hopes of discovering her true origins.

Abegail eventually found the name of her mother, Ginette Wilhelm, but was not able to find any record of her father, as she had apparently been a product of artificial insemination. Determined to discover her origins, Abegail broke into a government records facility, dodging security DeeBees to break into classified documents, which she successfully did. Here, she found the name of the man responsible for donating the sperm that had led to her conception: traitorous leader of the Confederation of Ordered Governments, General Colin Davis.

Upon leaving the facility, the DeeBees discovered Abegail and began trying to arrest her. Knowing her true father was alive and determined to meet him, traitor or no, Abegail fled Ephyra and headed for the city of Clayvale.

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