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Agustin Byrne
Biographical information
Date of birth

38 B.E.

Physical description

Lieutenant Colonel






6'0 ft. (1.83 meters)

  • King Raven
Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Pendulum Wars
  • Locust War
  • Lambent Pandemic

Coalition of Ordered Governments

  • COG Army
"Bet I can hit it from here. Say twenty bucks. [...] Oh-ho, right between the eyes!"
— Agustin Byrne, betting if he could drop a locust from a long distance with his Lancer and winning

Lieutenant Colonel Agustin "Aug" Byrne ES was Gear soldier in the COG Army, the husband of a Kashkuri woman named Natalya father of Gear commando Samuel D. Byrne, and half brother of Sgt.Samuel K. Byrne making him the uncle of Samantha Byrne.


Early lifeEdit

Agustin Byrne, born to a Gorasni man and a female Tyran Gear P.O.W. during the Pendulum Wars who was the mother of Sgt.Samuel K. Byrne. Byrne's mother was spared when she found out she was pregnant and made her way back to Tyrus.

Byrne experienced a typical childhood and on his eighteenth birthday he joined the COG Army.

Emergence DayEdit

Son On LeaveEdit

"I'm proud of you, son."
— Sam showing his father his commando knife

Not long after, Sam finished his commando training and received twenty days leave, and he caught the first train he could to Jacinto to see his father. He arrived at his father's home in the afternoon, trying to surprise his old man. When he saw his first the first time in a year, he noticed the man was now walking with a slight linp having suffered a bullet to the leg during his last tour, the older man told him not to concern himself with it. Sam changed the subject and explained he had just jumped on the train, and told him about his leave, and showed him his commando knife. Agustin smiled and told Sam how proud he was of him despite not initially wanting him to become a Gear.



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