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Alexander Philip Webster
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

12 years before E-day

Date of Death

N/A; Not listed as KIA

Physical Characteristics



265 lbs





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information

" Damned Locust destroyed most of humanity within a couple of's cost us countless lives and many years to merely muster most of the Gears in Jacinto. What we need is a friggin' miracle! I hope to God it comes soon..."
— Alexander Philip Webster


Alexander Philip Webster attended East Barricade Academy, fully enrolled in their cadet program. He was trained to be a Gear from a young age due to his wealth of knowledge in engineering. From a sprawling lad, he always liked to take things apart and put them back together. His family has a rich history of serving the Coalition, he decided to do the same. When the Locust emerged from their subterranean dwellings, Webster and all of the young cadets were evacuated to Jacinto where they would spend most of their lives.

Gears of WarEdit

Webster has formed a very close friendship with Lieutenant James "Howell" Stratford. Both of the Gears have spent several battles together since the time when he was a fresh recruit. He now serves in Echo-9 with the Lieutenant and Vito Rodriguez.

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