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South Islands


Algangi was a small island which was considered a part of Galangi in the Southern Islands of Sera. A small, self-sufficient town ran by COG officials reside in the town of Algangi, guarded by a small garrison of veteran Gears who had either moved there following the Pendulum Wars or returned home.

Overview Edit

The Island of Algangi was considered small. It was 33 miles in length with an area of 221 square miles. In the center of the island lay its only town - named for the island itself. Around the town was a level of forestry which further hid the island from view, offering yet another geographical defense. A port once existed for travel to and fro Galangi, though this port was mostly laid to waste by Stranded before the COG began the Algangi Birthing Creche. Blessed with fertile soil, Algangi is a self-sufficient community who grow their own food and in the various farms.

History Edit

Pendulum Wars Edit

Not much is known about life in Algangi during the Pendulum Wars. It is known that a great deal of the able-bodied young men and some of the women went off to fight in the war. It was the survivors of these individuals who would later safeguard Algangi from attack during the Locust-Human War.

Locust War Edit

Like Galangi itself, as well as the island of Vectes, Algangi was located on the other side of an abyssal trench that the Locust couldn't dig under; making it a relatively safe area for the Stranded known to reside there and later, the COG. This ensured its safety from Locust attack during the Locust-Human War because its small size often made it go undetected even by the Locust Horde. It also didn't get a Hammer strike during the Hammer of Dawn counterattack and so was spared all destruction. By the time of 14 A.E the main town which shared the islands name was one of a select few areas left on the planet with working facilities such as plumbing and electricity.

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