This article, Algangi Birthing Creche, was written by Kenji Hiroshi. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Algangi Birthing Creche



The Algangi Birthing Creche was a controversial facility operated by the COG's Department of Health by means of the Fortification Act, which the leader of the Algangi Militiamen enforced. The facility was housed without one of Algangi's two hospitals.

History Edit

Locust War Edit

The Birthing Creche were a series of breeding farms where women were impregnated to help repopulate the Human race following the massive loses experienced fighting the Locust invasion. Under the Fortification Act all males were placed in the Armed Services and women in "war work", such as medical duties or communications. Some women could choose or otherwise be forced to go to the farms against their will. The scheme was quite controversial within Algangi, though most saw the dire need to repopulate the human race.

Mission to Algangi Edit

Trivia Edit

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