This article, Algangi Farm, was written by Kenji Hiroshi. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Algangi Farms
Algangi farm



The Algangi Farms, not to be confused with the Algangi Birthing Creche, were the agricultural center of Algangi's self-sufficiency. Everything they ate was either grown through these farms or received through trade with Stranded camps nearby, or the neighboring island of Galangi. There were at the very least six of these farms around Algangi.

History Edit

The first farms were established shortly after E-Day to sustain the islands community. The farmers used crop rotation to maximize the soils fertility and yield a greater variety of crops. Livestock was also saved from the Hammer Strikes, which included cattle, bulls, pigs and chickens. Even in the face of Locust attacks, the farms remained untouched mainly because of the Algangi Militiamen that protected the island and its civilians.

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