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"The farms were hell, but a necessary part of our survival. I merely did my part."
— Alice Pliskin when asked about Algangi Birthing Creche.
Alice Pliskin
Alice Pliskin
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Unknown; Before E-Day


David Pliskin (Father), Steven Pliskin (Older Brother), Martin Pliskin (Younger Brother), Unnamed Sister-in-Law (Through Steven), Unnamed Nephew, Three Unnamed Children

Physical Characteristics

5ft 8in






Southern Islander

Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



Medic, Sniper


Salvaged Longshot, MK.1 Lancer, Sawed-off Shotgun


Lightly Armored Body Suit, Incendiary Grenades


Pendulum Wars, Emergence Day, Locust War






Pvt. Alice Pliskin was a combat medic during both the Pendulum Wars and the Locust War, refusing to stay at home while her brothers and father were off fighting. Her medical knowledge and expertise allowed her to teach others in Algangi before she willingly joined the Algangi Birthing Creche. She was later labelled barren and once again took up arms as part of the Algangi Militia and a combat medic in charge of Algangi's Hospital.

Personality & Traits Edit

Alice armor

Alice in her combat gear.

During everyday interactions or medical work within Algangi's Hospital, Alice is usually seen wearing civilian clothing that consists of a green tank-top and simple combat trousers with knee-pads and various holsters strapped to her leather belt for her guns, which her MK.1 Lancer and Sawed-off Shotgun hang from. When in proper battle gear, Alice instead wears a lightly armored body suit much like Martin's, with a light blue coloration modified with a protective gel layer and various padded areas to maximize defensive ability. Strapped to her back via a leather strap is her signature Longshot sniper rifle.

In many cases, Alice is just as hardened as her father and older brother, Steven. She not only went to the birthing farm but did so of her own free will, seeing it as her duty were she mothered three children before being labelled barren by fellow medics. Even in light of the experience which she deemed "hell", Alice remained a strong young woman with little trauma coming from her time in the creche. This may be due to the fact the Algangi Birthing Creche was not corrupt, making extremes cases such as rape few in number. It may also be because Alice agreed with the program, where others did not.

During the final years of the of the Pendulum Wars, Alice joined her father and brothers on the front-line as a combat medic, refusing to stay at home and "be a good girl" like her mother and father had asked of her; intent to continue on the military tradition of female soldiers in her family. A soldiers daughter through-and-through by blood as well as action taken, Alice is every bit as effective as any man on the field, if not more so. Everyone knows that women have more patience than men do, which ultimately aids her sniping skills.

Biography Edit

Pendulum Wars Edit

E-Day Edit

Lightmass Offensive Edit

Mission to Algangi Edit

Main Article - Gears of War: Rising Scions Chapter 2 - Mission to Algangi.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Alice's character never existed in the original draft of the story. The entire Algangi sub-plot never existed either until more information was released through the comics and later games.

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