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Alphonso Martinez
Alphonso Martinez
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

19 B.E.

Marital Status

Married Carmela Manfrin in 1 B.E.

  • Liberato Martinez (Father)
  • Ermenegilda Martinez (Mother)
  • Orlando Martinez (Son)
Physical Characteristics
Eye Color


Hair Color


Skin Color





205 lbs





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information
  • Private (3 B.E. - 1 B.E.)
  • Private First Class (1 B.E. - 3 A.E.)
  • Sergeant (3 A.E. - 17 A.E.)
  • First Lieutenant (17 A.E. - 22 A.E.)
  • Captain (22 A.E. - 27 A.E.)
  • Major (27 A.E. - 32 A.E.)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (32 A.E. -)

COG body armor (3 B.E. -)

  • Officer Cap (22 A.E. -)

Commanding Officer of the 1st Clayvale Infantry


Lieutenant Colonel Alphonso Martinez (COG tags CSID FJ3988-237TE-OV) was a Gear who fought during the Pendulum Wars, Locust War, and Lambent Pandemic. Serving as part of the 275th Royal Tyran Infantry throughout the Pendulum Wars, he was transferred to Hotel-One, a squad originally within the famed 26th Royal Tyran Infantry, in 3 A.E. after its commander was killed in action. Attached to Platoon Iota-357 under the command of Captain Donald Berkeley, he would command the squad throughout the war, staying with it when it and other survivors from Iota-357 were folded into the new Charlie-142, formed after the Battle of Ephyra and led by the newly promoted Lieutenant Colin Davis, a man he had served with since taking charge of the squad.

He continued to fight with Hotel-One and Charlie-142 for the rest of the war and the Lambent Pandemic that followed. In 17 A.E., he was one of the many Gears that traveled to the secret island of Azura to reinforce Delta Squad and help end the war. Afterwards, he was promoted to First Lieutenant by the now-Captain Davis and took command of Charlie-142. As time went on, he continued to serve in Clayvale's militia, ascending in rank until 32 A.E., when he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and given command of the 1st Clayvale Infantry regiment in the reorganized Clayvale Armed Forces.

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