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Anevas, officially the Third People's Republic of Anevas, was a nation on the planet Sera. Founded by Tyran peasants who had rejected the power of the Noble families, the First Anevish Republic was created as a direct democracy, where all men could vote on all public issues. This government lasted for only fifty four years before its lack of central government caused the country to collapse and was almost annexed by Tyrus. It was only saved by the Valiant last stand of six thousand soldiers at the Battle of Arkaley. The survivors of this battle would go on to found the far more militaristic and authoritarian Second Anevish Republic, which would ironically go on to join the Tyran-led Coalition of Ordered Governments. This government survived the exhausting Pendulum Wars, unfortunately it would be destroyed by the Locust Horde in 3 A.E. after holding out against them since E-Day.

After the Locust War ended in 17 A.E., the survivors came together and began rebuilding their society, founding the Third Anevish Republic. With the power vacuum that existed in the post-war world, Anevas sought to become a major power in its local region. Unlike other post-war governments who made deals with the reformed COG in order to acquire the use of advanced fabrication technology and DeeBee worker robots, Anevas dispatched spies to steal this technology, bringing it back to Anevas. Using their new ill-gotten technology, the Anevish made rapid progress in returning their cities to glory and growing their population. By 42 A.E., Anevas was a powerful, if isolationist, power.

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