Angel Jan Roja
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Before Emergence Day

Date of Death

Gale 14 A.E.

Marital Status

Kelly Mariah Roja


Federic Roja

Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information



MK2 Lancer


C4 Explosive


Evacuation of Vectes, Defense of Comission City


Coalition of Ordered Governments


Killed in Action



"Clay! Lets Go!" Angel to Clayton Carmine.

Angel Jan Roja was a Veteran Gear in the Coalition of Ordered Governments. He fought alongside Clayton Carmine During the Evacuation of Vectes. They were chatting along the way until they found a bunch of E-holes in their way and the Convoy was forced to go around them. They took refuge in an Old Museum of Economic history for a Supply check. The trip was cut short when the Locust attacked the Museum. During the Fight, Angel was caught in a Lancer Chainsaw Battle with a Cyclops, it was winning until Angel dislocated its knee and decapitated it.

Angel, Clayton and the Convoy were forced to Split up and Leave the Museum. Carmine would take the left path while Angel will take the right path. After Carmine finished off a group of the attackers, Angel was contacted by him. They were pinned down next to a Famed Taco bus and were rescued by Carmines King Raven. Later on, They were one of the Many Squads sent to Comission city to defend it from RAAM's invasion. After a few waves of Locust, Angel met Face-to-Face with the Locust general himself. Angel put up a fight, however he was no match for the Monster. It picked him up by the face with one hand, about to stab his stomach.


As Angel was about to meet his demise, a King Raven Bombing shook the battlefield, loosening the Generals grip around Angel. Carmine then Charged in, Holding his Gnasher single-handedly, and fired repeatedly at RAAM. He then got close enough to RAAM and headbutted him, knocking Angel out of his hand. Angel retreated to a King Raven as Clay was dealing with RAAM before being beated by the General.


"What?! no,No, N-NO! AAAGH!"

Roja's last words.

Augustus Cole and Angel were Part of Alpha squad during the Lightmass Offensive. However The Squad was overwhelmed, leaving Cole and Angel as the only surviving members. They became Seperated and Angel was Attacked and Savagely ripped apart by the Wretches while in the house of Sovereigns. His COG tags were recovered by Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Minh Young Kim, and His Squad member Cole.


Angel's Remains.

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