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Anteos was a Stranded camp located in the coastal city of Clayvale. Established several months after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack by Sergeant George Anteos, a Gear who abandoned his position in order to save a group of civilians, and namesake of the settlement. While Clayvale had not been attacked during E-Day or the Counterattack, the citizens of Anteos did have to worry about occasional Locust patrols and raiders, fortunately, thanks to the military training Anteos provided many of them, they were able to repel most of these assaults. Due to Clayvale's distance away from the Jacinto Plateau, they were ignored by Coalition forces until early 15 A.E., when a large group of civilians and Gears fleeing the Sinking of Jacinto arrived in Clayvale and began setting up a settlement in the abandoned Fort Perez and nearby buildings. Despite initially hostile relations, the two groups eventually began to work together to survive, and by 17 A.E., the two groups considered each other close allies.

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