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"Archer" was the pseudonym of a special warfare officer that served in the Bastion Armed Forces and its successor, the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG).

During the Pendulum Wars, he would earn distinction, serving as a junior officer of the Naval Special Combatant Force (NSCF), the special operations force of the Bastion Navy. He would be later recruited as a paramilitary officer in the covert operations division of the Bastion Intelligence Service near the closure of the Pendulum Wars.

Afterwards, he would assume the pseudonym of "Archer", with his full career service vitae (CSV) and name classified under the national intelligence agency. After the Bastion's merger with the Coalition of Ordered Governments, Lieutenant Archer would be transferred to the Special Airborne Group, the COG Army's elite special mission unit.

During E-Day, Archer's commando team would be involved in the mass sterilization of Sera's surface, utilizing weapons of mass destruction to wipe out human population centers and to create a firebreak between the desperate and weakened C.O.G. and the advancing Locust hordes. Archer would become highly decorated, receiving a full promotion to the rank of Captain (O-3, CAPT) and earning command of a sixteen-man SAG platoon. Throughout the withering and desolating length of the Human-Locust War, Archer would continue humanity's bitter struggle against the Locust; his unit would be highly decorated, participating in some of the few victories that C.O.G. won over the Locust. However, the Great War would take its decimating psychological and physical toll on Archer, and the ex-intelligence officer would be becoming increasingly withdrawn.

By the time of 15 A.E., Archer would still hold rank of Captain - he had refused promotion to the rank of Major (O-4, MAJ) six times over fifteen years, refusing to take a staff job as a Special Forces company commander, instead insisting to continue to lead his battle-hardened team from the front lines. Captain Archer would become one of the most singularly-decorated soldiers in the C.O.G. Army, receiving dozens of honorable citations for his dedicated service during the Pendulum Wars and the Human-Locust War throughout nearly twenty-five years of continuous service in the battlefield.

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