Arzes was a normal spotter for the queen, telling her everything whenever. He helped the palace guards by spotting enemies from afar such as lambent. He proved very useful in helping to protect the queen within the palace. He was so great he was promoted to the Palace Guard Ranks. His close friend, Gorg,who was a butcher, was jealous but was also happy for him.

Arzes would only continue to please the queen later on. One fateful day in the palace, 5 lambent gunkers came to the palace and started bombarding it. Many Guards tried to fend off the Gunkers and possibly lead them away from the palace, but some were killed. This being his first real skirmish, Arzes was was nervous and shaking. But a fellow kantus priest came by and reassured him, " Do not worry, my healing powers are far more superior than the damage those infected monsers can do to you". This gave Arzes enough encouragement to fight. But when he out he didnt know what to do at first. Then came his brilliant idea, he noticed stalagmites above where the gunkers were standing. He picked up a borrowed a frag grenade from another guard and threw it up at the stalagmites. They fell and crusehed all the gunkers. Everyone praised Arzes for the nice job, and the kantus priest approached him that encouraged him, and he turned out to be Skorge. He told Arzes that while hes away in missions he could replace him to protect the queen. He accepted, and life became even better for Arzes.

Having lived a long and happy life, the Hollows flooded. He mounted his personal reaver and saved as many locust he could. He was a little relaxed knowing his big butcher friend was already on the surface serving hungry locust on the surface. While riding he noticed the Queen was not around, and this infuriated him. But he refused to lose faith in the queen. Later him and other locust were able to rejoin the queen and became the Queens Guard in Azura. He became a high ranking officer. But for Arzes it did not break the pain of losing their ancestrial home, life just wasnt the same anymore.........

Quotes during his life:

"Lambent scumbagssss......." -When fghting off the Lambent

Weapons of choice:

Tourque bow Boltok pistol smoke grenades retor lancer

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