SGhalftrans This article, Ashleigh Forrest, was written by Anonymous ONI agent. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Ashleigh Forrest was the daughter of COG official Geralt Forrest, governor of Community 102. However, when the Swarm attacked Community 102 in 42 A.E., her family as well as the rest of the Community's population was taken by the Swarm, with only Ashleigh herself escaping capture by sealing herself inside of the underground complex where the Community's fabricators were stored. She was discovered days later by the Confederate Gears of Lima-Thirty-Nine, whom were attempting to secure the apparently abandoned Community's fabricators. In her traumatized state, Ashleigh attempted to activate the facility's DeeBee defenses and send them after the intruders, but calmed down when Corporal Weston Meyers managed to convince her that they were there to help her, not harm her. The Gears would then take her back to the safety of Clayvale after retrieving the fabricators they had come for.

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