This article, Battle of Community 75, was written by Lieutenant Davis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Battle of Community 75

Swarm conflict


42 A.E.


Community 75, Tyrus


Confederation secures Community 75


Confederation of Ordered Governments

The Swarm


Lieutenant Alistair Davis


  • Confederation of Ordered Governments
    • Confederate Guards
      • 1st Confederate Guards
        • Green-12
        • 1st Confederate Guards Rotary Air Wing
          • 1st Group
            • 2nd Squadron
  • Over one hundred Drones
  • At least twelve Pouncers
  • At least four Snatchers
  • 63% of civilians taken
  • Six Gears killed
  • Three Gears taken

All forces present


The Battle of Community 75 was a small scale engagement between the forces of the Confederation of Ordered Governments and the recently emerged Swarm. Roughly two weeks after the Confederation first learned of the Swarm, one of the Coalition's smaller settlements, Community 75, sent out a general distress signal, reporting that it was under attack. Seeing this as an opportunity to learn more about their new enemy and, secretly, to gain more territory, General Davis dispatched elements of the Confederation's elite special forces group, the Confederate Guard, to assist.

Upon arriving at Community 75, they found it mostly deserted, even corpses seemed to be absent. While scouting out the residential and agricultural districts, the Gears came under attack by Coalition forces sent to assist the settlement. After fighting off several dozen DeeBees, the Gears finally encountered the Swarm. Fighting their way through the settlement they, along with Egret support, managed to clear the Community of Swarm and surviving DeeBees.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Gears managed to locate the surviving civilian population, whom had barricaded themselves in one of their Windflare shelters. After the battle, Community 75 was annexed into the Confederation, renamed Jaywick, and a company of Gears from the 17th Clayvale Infantry was garrisoned there to protect the remaining civilians while they rebuilt.

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