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Battle of Hethsgar

Locust War


Frost of 13 A.E.


Hethsgar, Tyrus


Pyrrhic COG victory

  • Hethsgar is razed by the Locust
  • Major COG assets are relocated to Jacinto

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust Horde

Major Lucas Underton
  • Remnants of the 3rd Jannermont Mechanized Infantry
    • D Company
  • Remnants of the 7th Ephyran Light Infantry
    • C Company
  • Remnants of the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry
    • E Company
  • 36th Jacinto Rotary Air Wing
  • 2nd Ephyran Light Armored Battalion
  • Approximately 45% of total deployed forces
  • Approximately 60% of Hethsgar's civilian populace

The Battle of Hethsgar was a military engagement between the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Locust Horde in Frost of 13 A.E. While Hethsgar was leveled and a significant percentage of the COG's forces were killed, the COG managed to relocate the majority of its critical assets held in Hethsgar to Jacinto. Additionally, the assumed commander of the Locust's forces during the battle, a Theron Sentinel known as Thornag, was killed during the battle by Sergeant First Class Craig Randall.

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