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Battle of Hoygarden

Locust War


Rise of 11 A.E.


Hoygarden, Tyrus


Locust victory


Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust Horde


Major Howard Ratters

  • 786th Royal Tyran Infantry
    • 1st Battalion
      • B Company
  • 202nd Pellesian Infantry
    • 3rd Battalion
      • G Company
  • 31st Royal Tyran Infantry
    • 2nd Battalion
      • D Company
  • 25th Royal Tyran Rotary Air Wing
    • 1st Group
      • 3rd Squadron
  • 35th Kashkuri Rotary Air Wing
    • 2nd Group
      • 1st Squadron
  • 5th Vasgari Armored
    • 2nd Battalion
      • F Company
        • 1st Armored Squadron
        • 4th Armored Squadron

Roughly 7,200 Locust


85% of total deployed forces


The Battle of Hoygarden was a moderate-sized engagement which occurred in Rise of 11 A.E. Despite being hopelessly outnumbered, the officer in charge of Hoygarden, Major Howard Ratters, ordered his forces to stand their ground. As a result, the battle was largely a massacre, with the COG forces sufferring crippling casualties, with only a fraction making it out of the city alive.

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