This article, Battle of Hustont, was written by Lieutenant Davis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.


Locust War


10 A.E.


Hustont, Tyrus


Locust victory


Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust Horde


Major Royce Matson


  • 46th Ostrini Infantry
    • 4th Battalion
      • L Company
      • M Company
  • 18th Royal Tyran Rotary Air Wing
    • 1st Group
      • 2nd Squadron

3,300 Locust

  • 62% of all military forces
  • 53% of civilian population



The Battle of Hustont was an engagement during the latter half of the Locust War. In early 10 A.E., as part of the build up for their planned assault on Ephyra, the Locust emerged in the town of Hustont, near the Jacinto Plateau. Hustont had been used to help relocate Ostrini refugees who arrived in COG territory after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, and thus had a majority Ostrini population. When the town came under attack, two former units of the 46th Ostrini Infantry quickly responded. Unfortunately, the roughly two hundred Gears were met with a force of over three thousand Locust. Despite putting up a valiant effort, the Locust managed to overrun the town in only three days, but not before dealing tremendous casualties to the COG forces.

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