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Skirmish in the Live Zone


Fall of Landown

Battle of Romeca

Locust War


3 A.E.


Romeca, Tyrus


Locust Pyrrhic Victory


Coalition of Ordered Governments

Locust Horde


Colonel Myles Hill

General RAAM

  • 20th Royal Tyran Infantry
    • 3rd Infantry Division
      • Alpha-One
      • Bravo-Two
      • Bravo-Three
      • Bravo-Four
      • Gamma-Three
      • Echo-Seven
      • Sigma-Four
      • Sigma-Nine
  • Multiple King Ravens
  • Several dozen Centaur Tanks

The Battle of Romeca was a large engagement that took place three years after Emergence Day within one of the last few cites outside the Jacinto Plateau to completely fall to the Locust Horde. The COG defenders fought valiantly throughout Romeca, which had once been an industrial powerhouse, for several days before completely abandoning the city to the Locust. In spite of this loss, the COG were able to inflict heavy casualties on their foe and momentarily slowing down the Locust advance towards other settlements.


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