The Battle of Traverso City occurred in 10 A.E. The Locust planed to attack the city for a few days but they did not attack all at once. The locust came in waves witch made the locust suffer heavy losses.

The start of the BattleEdit

Half of city was above ground that the locust could not make holes in. So the Locust frist attacked with a few big E-holes in the one side of city they soon were attacked by gears. Raptor squad under the command of Blake Connor was at one of the first E-holes and killed most of the locust there. But everywhere else was being over run the COG sent in squads to reinforce outpost around the city and soon the first wave of locust were destroyed. Soon after even more came this time with more bigger locust to like boomers. The evacuation was starting but most people got out by helicopter because the highways were jammed up with COG reinforcements.


A COG Gear fighting during the battle.

The middle of the Battle Edit

The COG battled the second wave of locust for 5 hours until they pushed the locust back. As the COG were fighting the second wave. The locust started using ink to block the COG communications. Three gear Squads were seen to take out locust E-holes to stop the ink. These squads were Gamma, Echo, and Raptor squad. They all completed there missions. But when the communications were down the locust took half of the city. COG outpost and evacuation areas were being taken by the locust to fast.

The End of the Battle Edit

The locust were pushing the COG back but slowly. Soon all of the city was overrun and the COG ordered a full retreat of all forces. The battle was a costly Locust victory.

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