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Battle of Wayzatti

Post-Locust War conflicts


26 A.E.


Wayzatti region, Lauczi

  • 323rd Specialist Group victory
    • The COG is fought off from Wayzatti

Coalition of Ordered Governments

323rd Specialist Group

Major Arthur Lorand
Olin Bucharov
  • 24th Expeditionary Group
  • Full strength of the 323rd Specialist Group
  • 40% of present forces killed or wounded
  • 20% of present forces killed or wounded

The Battle of Wayzatti was an engagement between the 24th Expeditionary Group of the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the 323rd Specialist Group fought over control of the region of Wayzatti in the former Republic of Lauczi in 26 A.E. Coalition forces were scouting Lauczi to investigate its potential for housing a future COG settlement, and as such, entered the mountainous region of Wayzatti in an attempt to survey it. However, unbeknownst to COG forces, the Wayzatti region was home to the 323rd Specialist Group, a former UIR military unit which had deserted during the Fall of Gorasnaya and holed up in the mountains against the Locust. The 323rd, still bitter over the UIR defeat in the Pendulum Wars, did not take kindly to COG forces trespassing upon their land, and quickly mobilized and attacked the 24th Expeditionary Group. Caught off guard and in unfamiliar territory, COG forces took considerable casualties before finally retreating back to New Ephyra.

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