Berephus City
Political information
Type of government

Constitutional democracy, representative democracy


Treatise of Sovereign Right

Head of State

Chief of State

Head of Government

Minister of State


Supreme Commander

Executive branch

Executive Council

Legislative branch

Congress of Sovereigns

Judicial branch

Court of Sovereigns

Societal information
Official language

Multicultural, predominantly English and Spanish

Historical information
Date of fragmentation

Post E-Day


Berephus City is a small former URI city taken over by the COG after heavy assaults where placed on it. Pvt. Will Stobbs Was Stationed here for rest and recovery like many other injured gears.

History Edit

Berephus was a city located on the coast of the Ostri Republic. During the Pendulum Wars, Berephus and Bonbourg came under heavy naval and air attack from COG naval ships during Operation Leveler. However this was a diversion, some say that the Ostri/UIR army would focus their attention near the city. What happened to the city after the events of E-Day is unknown, most likely it was destroyed by the Locust Horde.

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