Adam fenix
Bernard Fischer
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

B.E. 26

Date of Death

A.E. 57

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics



230 lbs



Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information

Private First Class


Medic, Rifleman, Sniper


Mk 1 Lancer Assault Rifle

Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

Boltok Pistol

Frag Grenade

Longshot Sniper Rifle


COG Armor


3 B.E. - Battle of Aspho Fields

5 A.E. - The Fall of Landown

10 A.E. - The Battle of Ephyra

14 A.E. - The Lightmass Offensive

15 A.E. - Operation Hollow Storm

15 A.E. - The Siege of Nexus

16 A.E. - Battle of Anvil Gate


COG Army




"I'm not what most people call a nice person... F*** most people." -Bernard Fischer on himself

Biography Edit

Pfc. Bernard Fischer is the medic and sniper of Echo Three. He is an invaluable asset to not only the squad, but all of the COG. He is usually the last things his victims don't see when they take their last breath on the battlefield. He was born in Jacinto around the year B.E. 26 to Dr. Friedrich Georg Fischer and Martha Hanneman-Fischer. As a child, Bernard enjoyed the soothing sounds at the beaches of Jacinto, yet he was also a loud boy as he would often run up and down streets screaming profanities. His true interest in war started when he discovered old files of his father and the COG developing new weapon system collaboratively. Father like son, he liked weapons and war. However, his mother did not approve of her son leaving to fight other people's battles.

Around B.E. 10, Bernard Fischer decided to go to college and earn his doctorate in from medical school. After graduating from Jacinto Medical Academy, Bernard decided to enlist in the military as a field surgeon, working on the wounded and fallen. Up until the end of the Pendulum Wars, Fischer was excited on working with the soldiers in the military, except not on the front lines. However, he decided to disregard his mother's requests and he became a COG gear. Immediately joining with Nolan Kantorek and the rest of Echo Three, Fischer went on full duty as both a sniper and a medic.

Personality and Traits Edit

Pfc. Fischer can be described as very violent when facing his enemies head on, especially when the enemies are Locust. He is usually the joker when it comes to down time and just lounging around. Also a musician, Bernard was in several bands as a teen in high school.

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