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Beth Hedges
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

23 years Before E-day

Marital Status




Physical Characteristics



7 and a half Stone





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



Beth Hedges is a Private in the COG army, and works solo.She thought in the latter years of the pendulm wars and against the Locust, staying at private because she denied all promotions granted to her.


Beth Hedges was born in Early 23BE to parents who were both in The COG. Her Father was Private, her mother a medic. She grew up around the warzone, and learnt to handle a Snub pistol at the age of 6. When she was 9, her father was sent to Jail for War Crimes against his allies. He had gone insane and shot 3 people in the legs. Beth's mother carried on with being a Medic, but at the age of 15, Beth was taught by her mother how to use a Lancer. Beth uses the Lancer left by her father in combat today. When She was 18, She joined the COG army.

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