Early life and E-Day Edit

Blake was born 13 years before E-day and live with his parents and his brother. He was not the best at school and did not have many friends. Blake Connor was only 13 when E-day happened.His entire family was killed on E-day.

Service in the COG Army and the Human Locust War Edit

Then after 5 years of hiding from locust Blake join the COG army and was assigned to Raptor squad. Blake preferred to use the Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle and a Gnasher Shotgun. In Blake's fist two years in the COG army he fought in 5 major battles and killed over 500 locust. One of the battles was the battle of Traverso city. In Blake's third year in the COG on one mission his commanding officer was killed Blake took command and got half of Raptor squad out. Then Blake was promoted to sergeant of Raptor squad. He commanded the squad in several major battles with the locust. Blake did encounter RAAM during the events of Gears of War one. During Operation Hollow Storm Blake and Raptor squad helped take out a Locust stronghold. Blake went MIA after the mission.

Gow anthony carmine by ex388-d4kpxhe

Blake in the middle of a firefight.

(more will come about him)

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