"Fuck you, you basterd locust!"

        -bobby cambell

bobby was not even envolved with the war, he was just a troubled rebellious teen but when e day happened he hid out in a basement with a pistol and a little suplly of food he lived in the basement for a week but decided fight back so he left the basement to sneek past locust but bumped into marcus fenix and was handed a gun and helped marcus and his team get to safety after that the team wanted bobby to stay at he safe house but marcus felt that bobby would make a good soldier so bobby excepted to help fight but denied becoming a soldier so he headed out with the team but got attacked and kidnapped by locust but fought his way out of the base with a another kidnapped women, samus aran, They now are married but still help fight in the war, He is still close friends with marcus.


height= 6.1

bloodd type= uknown

relation= married to samus aran


bobby has a green mohawk

has a grudge against locust goverment

you can find him (if he's not having sex with his wife samus) killing locust or talking to marcus

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