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Brazeria, officially the Republic of Brazeria, was a nation on the planet of Sera. During the Pendulum Wars, Brazeria was one of many countries to join the political alliance known as the Union of Independent Republics and helped wage war against the rival Coalition of Ordered Governments. During the war, Brazeria actively participated in the conflict, sending a multitude of infantry units to fight the COG, although their most lasting contribution came in the form of their impressive armored corps which was used to smash through many Coalition units. After the war ended, Brazeria and most of the UIR was absorbed into the COG, and Brazerian factories began manufacturing COG designs such as the Centaur tank and Armadillo APC. When the Locust emerged on Emergence Day, Brazeria did surprisingly well in its defense against the Horde and its assortment of warbeasts, thanks to their many armored units. Roughly one year after E-Day; however, the Coalition initiated the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack and destroyed most major cities on Sera, including Brazeria and, in the process, destroyed the majority of their factories. This shortage of new vehicles and repair facilities soon caught up to them as Brazeria had to rely more on their infantry. Soon after this, the Locust began gaining large amounts of territory in Brazeria, capturing the capital only four months after the Counterattack.

The surviving military and government personnel fled to the Jacinto Plateau, where they became valued assets in the continued war against the Locust. Over the years, the number of surviving Brazerians continued to decline as battlefield attrition began taking its toll on the remaining units. In 7 A.E., the last Brazerian-only unit, the 274th Infantry Regiment, was officially disbanded and its components folded into other squads of the Army. By 17 A.E., there were only a few thousand Brazerian Gears left, the majority having either died or deserted years prior. Despite this, several Brazerians were part of the ragtag army that helped retake the island of Azura during the Second Battle of Azura, the last battle of the war.

In the aftermath of the war, the majority of the surviving Brazerians returned to their homeland. While the COG reformed shortly after the war, Brazeria and many of reforming nations rejected their calls for unity, electing to instead remain independent. As the rebuilding continued and the population began to steadily climb back up into the hundreds of thousands and later the low millions, Brazeria began reverting back to its nationalistic past, removing COG symbols and replacing them with traditional Brazerian symbols. They also disposed of most of their COG equipment, electing instead to return to the use of UIR armor and equipment, the only exceptions being small arms, with the Mark 2 Lancer remaining the standard issue service rifle.

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