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CNV Brannon Haroldson
Production information

Littoral Combat Ship


Brannon Haroldson-class

Technical specifications

350 ft


50 ft


30 ft


6 in. of specialized steel alloy

  • 1 Mk 231 60 mm cannon
  • Missiles
  • 1 torpedo tube
  • 4 Mulchers
  • Fifty naval personnel
  • Twenty NCOG Marines (One platoon)
Minimum crew

15 naval personnel

  • 50 maximum passengers
Cargo capacity
Year introduced

10 B.E.


Littoral combat




The CNV Brannon Haroldson was a Brannon Haroldson-class Littoral Combat Ship in use by the COG Navy during the Pendulum Wars and Locust War. While not seeing much combat during both conflicts due to the mostly groundbased combat that characterized them, it was used as a safe haven by its crew, marine garrison, and the civilians who had been evacuated onboard it. In 16 A.E., the ship was boarded by a tribe of Savage Locust, and in the ensuing battle, several Gears were killed, with dozens more people wounded, and the ship suffered moderate damage. After briefly coming near shore to bury the dead, they came in range of short range radio signal. Initially ignoring it as nothing but Stranded communications, they quickly took interest when the signal broadcasted codes known only to Gear officers. Following the signal down the coast, they eventually came across the COG stronghold at coastal city of Clayvale. Once there, they received much needed repairs and supplies from the Gears there, along with a relatively safe harbor. In return, the ship would occasionally go out to sea to look for supplies and additional survivors. In 17 A.E., the ship was one of several at Clayvale and was used to help ferry the troops there to Azura to partake in the final battle of the war.

After the war it was converted into a floating farm, which helped provide food to the survivors in Clayvale, including the returning Gears.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Designed and built burning the Pendulum Wars, the CNV Brannon Haroldson was the first of her class, part of a small expansion of the COG Navy. Due to the mostly ground combat that characterized the war, the Brannon Haroldson never saw much in the way of combat, save several scattered skirmishes with UIR coastal defenses and the occasional patrol boat. Its only notable moment came when it was boarded and briefly captured by UIR forces, only to be retaken hours later by a team of COG commandos.

Locust WarEdit

When the Locust invaded on Emergence Day, the Brannon Haroldson was used to help evac civilians and Gears from several coastal cities. It continued to serve in this effect after the Hammer of Dawn counterattack. Sometime before the Sinking of Jacinto, the ship left human controlled territory along with most other Navy ships, taking as many marines, civilians, and supplies as it could.

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