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Area: Outside of Jacinto

Size: Small

Inhabited: Small COG settlement, now overrun by the Lambent


Cadaea Hill is a highly strategic and defendible area that is just on the outside of Jacinto's border. Although the sinking of Jacinto affected many a place around Jacinto, as well as (obviously) Jacinto itself, there were pockets of land that survived the flood. Cadaea hill is one of the few that survived. This is also the site of the creation of the Monument of Sada.


Cadaea hill has named after Colonel Josef Sada Cadaea, the creator of the Monument of Sada. In the early settlement of Cadaea, the COG sent in a small strike team to eliminate any hiding enemies within. There they found the first trace of the locusts' existence, a small, crystal-like egg, and a large amount of emergence holes that were collapsed. The egg was named after Colonel Josef's middle name, and he created a monument after it to remember the Gears and colonists who died during a mysterios plague. For the Sada was actualy the very first locust ink grenade, set to go off after it had been disturbed. Josef Cadaea also died from this 'plague', which is also one of the reasons the small valley-like area is named after him.


-The event of which the locust grenade, or 'Sada', was found was interestingly erased from COG records, making it seemlike it didn't exist. The culprit still hasn't been found.

-This is the place that Tyler Herman and his squadmates were patroling when the locust ambushed them, and the berserker killed Grace Herman.

-A few holes still remained barely intact during the COG's early colonization. It is likely that this is how the locust attacked Beta Five so fast and the lambent got to the site after the Human-Locust war.

-This is also ironically the location that Tyler and Jacob fought a Brumak in order to finish a mission.


Tyler Herman

Jacob Herman

Grace Herman

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