Welcome to the Gears Fanon Beginner's Guides Archive! Eventually, this will contain numerous beginner's guides with tips on how to use our site! For now, it's just a mostly empty category.

Beginner's Guides are considered project pages and should be titled in the format Project:Beginner's Guide/Guide Topic or Gears of War Fanon:Beginner's Guide/Guide Topic, which is what the Project: prefix automatically redirects to.

Please note who has written the guide with "Guide written by [[User:Username]]." This is so people can know to whom they may direct questions, comments, complaints, and concerns, and also so people can consider the writer as they read the guide. Aka, if you write a guide to roleplaying and you have never roleplayed, people will know and hold you responsible for the guide's badness.

If there is a particular topic for a Beginner's Guide that you would like to see, please post it at the discussion page.

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