Christian Macguire was a COG soldier.

The RookieEdit

Christian Macguire was put into Zeta squad on his first day. He was taken to the training area to train when locust forces entered the base. He shot at the locusts and ran to his squad. The commander asked him if he was the recruit, then told him to not be a hero. They got in a King Raven and flew away from the base. They were shot down and crashed landed in a plaza of an old town. Suddenly holes started coming out of the gorund, Macguire was confused until the commander told him to get down. The drones started coming out of the holes and fought the squad. When only the rookie and the commander was left the drones had gone. The commander was then shot in the head by a sniper, then Christian was hit in the arm. Macguire brought ot his sniper and killed the drone. He was picked up by another king raven.


After getting put into Echo team Macgire was in the battle feild already. He fought in many fights. He fought off fifty drones, three boomers, two maulers, and a Rever. He survived the entire war.

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