Clayton Carmine
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Before Emergence Day


Anthony Carmine, Benjamin Carmine, Jack Carmine and Camille Carmine

Physical Characteristics



230 lbs



Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



MK2 Lancer, Hammerburst II, Torque Bow, Gnasher Shotgun, MK1 Lancer, Mulcher, Sawed-Off Shotgun


COG Armor


Many, Including The Evacuation of Vectes


Coalition of Ordered Governments




"Aww, Did I hurt you little baby!? FUCK YOU!!"

Clayton to a Drone.


Private Clayton Carmine was a Gear in the Coalition of Ordered Governments. He was the Oldest of the Carmine family and his Brothers are Anthony Carmine, Benjamin Carmine, and he has a few other Family members. He is also the Non-Rookie in the Carmine Family. He was part of the Evacuation of Vectes and has Experience on the field. He has a Close friend who he just met in the Evacuation named Angel Rojas, however he didn't mention his name until they Escorted the APC's to safety from the Fight in the Museum. Clayton and Rojas were very close, similar to that of Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago. After the Evacuation, Clayton and Rojas were transferred to a Different Unit, known as Theta-03 lead by Seargent Baxsmith. Baxsmith didn't respect Clayton as much as the Other Gears, He Pushed Clay to his limit which caused them to have a harsh rivalry. After a few Insults, Clay eventually had enough and Beated down his own Commanding officer. Earning Him some time in the Brig. He was Pardoned when the Locust Attacked Jacinto, and after hearing news that his Brother Anthony and Benjamin have been killed in the line of duty, he wanted Revenge and he wanted it now.


"Seriously Dude, You have Problems."

"Really? Thanks."

Clay and a COG Gear.

Clayton was very Muscular compared to his family,Not only that, but he was also Very tall. Being The height of Six foot Eight,(The Height of a Theron Sentinel) he was also very durable. This is shown when he Fought off a Grenadier Elite by only using his Fists, However he wasn't able to Kill the Grenadier until later with a Arrow from his Torque Bow. Clay was also caring towards Gears who cared for him as well, however Sgt.Baxsmith didn't respect Clay causing them to have a Rivalry Almost Instantly. Clay cares alot for his family, especially Anthony and Benjamin by Getting a Tattoo of them on his Right arm in honor of his fallen Brothers. Though, Clay cares alot about his Cousins, He wishes to compete with Skill with his cousin Camille Carmine.



"Seriously!? You can't kill all of them!"

"Hmph, I can try."

Clay and Angel talking about their plan of attack.


Clayton was very accurate with his Torque Bow, however he isn't a Excellent Sniper like Benjamin and Jack Carmine. Clay also Favors the Hammerburst II due to its Firepower and range. When things get too close for comfort, Clay used his strength to best his enemies. He can Choke and throw grubs and jump onto the Backs of Boomers and one time he even tackled a burning Berserker. He has a massive bloodlust which could be the reason he fights brutally.

Mona - Shooting the moon LYRICS03:02

Mona - Shooting the moon LYRICS

Clayton Carmine's theme song.

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