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Southern Tyrus

Date Founded

100 B.E.


800,000 as of 42 A.E.




Clayvale was a large city located on the coast of Tyrus. Originally founded as a small shipbuilding town in 100 B.E., it quickly expanded in both size and population as the growing militarization of the Coalition of Ordered Governments necessitated the need for larger and more expansive ship production. Clayvale quickly became home to some of the largest shipyards in Tyrus, hosting numerous shipbuilding firms and port facilities.

After the Locust invaded on Emergence Day, they left Clayvale alone due to the composition of the soil, which led to any tunnels being highly unstable. Due to the lack of Locust activity, it was spared from destruction during the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, although due to the COG's lack of need for ships, the city quickly fell into poverty. In 3 A.E., Locust armies on the surface began nearing Clayvale, causing most of its remaining residents to flee to the Jacinto Plateau, though it was again ignored, presumably as the Horde began putting pressure on the outskirts of the plateau. After its abandonment, the city became the location of the Stranded settlement of Anteos.

In 15 A.E., several ships of the COG Navy fleeing the Sinking of Jacinto were separated from the main fleet and wound up anchoring in one of Clayvale's many ports. The survivors quickly began establishing a presence in the city, including claiming the abandoned Fort Perez military complex and the shipyards and ports as their own.

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