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Clayvale Rebellion

COG-Outsiders conflict


31 A.E.


Clayvale city-state


Clayvale Armed Forces victory


Clayvale Armed Forces

Coalition of Ordered Governments

  • First Minister Jinn
  • Full strength of the Clayvale Armed Forces
  • Several hundred-thousand militarized DeeBees
  • COG Army Air Corps
  • Roughly twenty-thousand Gears
  • Hundreds of thousands of DeeBees

"With all due respect, First Minister? Fuck you."
— Lieutenant Colonel Colin Davis before shooting the DeeBee drone transmittting First Minister Jinn's live feed to Clayvale with a Boltok revolver.

The Clayvale Rebellion was a major event which occurred in 31 A.E. involving the reconstituted Coalition of Ordered Governments and its city-state of Clayvale. Fed up with First Minister Jinn's authoritarian style of government and refusing to allow the robotic DeeBees to replace Clayvale's armed forces, General Donald Berkeley and Lieutenant Colonel Colin Davis led a rebellion against the COG, intent on seceding from the COG and establishing their own government. While this rebellion would be costly for the men and women of Clayvale, it was ultimately successful, and Clayvale was able to establish its own independent government in the form of the Confederation of Ordered Governments.

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