File:Wiki.png]] the clockwork club was a bar/entertainment club, many gears often visited this place when they were off duty. this bar was founded in the fourth year of the human-locust war after the founder Paul Byrne turned his old warehouse into a place of fortune. the clockwork club boasted some of the best if not all the entertainment in Jacinto.

The entertainment at the clockwork club had a mixed bag of entertainment such as dog fights, boxing matches and female dancers. the bar also sported a fully functional bar with more alcohol than most gears had seen since before the human-locust war, this had often caused gears to either arrived at their positions and squads late, drunk or not at all. this caused a stir among the higher ranking officers and rumors of the club being forcibly closed were causing some commotion amongst the populace. Chairmen Prescott finally stepped into the matter and agreed to keep the the club around for the benefit of the local people and due to the prompting of many close advisers that were also regular patrons of the club.

during the sinking of Jacinto the clockwork club was destroyed along with most of the hard earned alcohol inside it. the clock work club was rebuilt on the CNV Sovereign for the shear amount of boredom that plagued the ship, corporal Damon Baird and private Augustus Cole were regulars at the club until they were thrown out and permanently banned due to private Baird said something that offended an unusably large stranded before private Cole stepped in to protect his friend before knocking the stranded out cold with a single punch, this may have been acceptable had the stranded not fallen into a coma for two weeks and had destroyed three bottles of spirits from his fall that the owner of the bar had risked his life to steal on a mission to the mainland.

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