Close Combat Rifle Edit

Production information

Model: Assualt Rifle

Cost: unknown

Damage Per Hit : light

Melee Damage: intanst kill( chainsaw bayonet)

Magazine Size: 48 Bullets

Maximum Ammunition: 15 Magizines

Fire Mode:Fully Auto

Accuracy Medium

Range: medium

Usage Era(s) Human-Locust Wars. (Scarce)

Affiliation CoG.


This weapon has been about 6 years by the cog. It is practacally a lancer assualt rifle that has been redesigned to give it a faster rate of fire, faster reload time and faster chainsaw. It is lighter than the lancer, has a longer barrel and a x2 scope. this weapon was designed to make this weapon more easy for gears to use it. It went into mass production until the locust attacked the factory that they were being produced in and production stopped. Only about fifty shipments of the weapons got to cog soldiers.


This weapon is designed for easier use in combat than the lancer. it is roughly the same size but has a faster fire rate and reload uses the same ammunition as the lancer and uses a chainsaw boyonet but the one on the close combat rifle loads faster. the close combat rifle has a longer barrel and a x2 scope to give it extra accuraccy and range. it can be deadly in the hands of an expert. it is better at meduim range.


In battle it is kind of hard to say "close combat rifle" so gears have come up with shorter names like CC(close combat)or just the Combat Rifle

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