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Colin Davis
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

24 B.E.

Marital Status
  • Widower (1 A.E. - 17 A.E.)
  • Married Ariel Pace in 17 A.E.
Physical Characteristics
Eye Color


Hair Color


Skin Color



6' 4


230 lbs




Tyran/Kashkuri mix

Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information
  • Private (8 B.E. - 5 B.E.)
  • Private First Class (5 B.E. - 1 B.E.)
  • Corporal (1 B.E. - 2 A.E.)
  • Sergeant (2 A.E. - 4 A.E.)
  • Staff Sergeant (4 A.E. - 6 A.E.)
  • Sergeant First Class (6 A.E. - 10 A.E.)
  • First Lieutenant (10 A.E. - 17 A.E.)
  • Captain (17 A.E. - 22 A.E.)
  • Major (22 A.E. - 27 A.E.)
  • Lieutenant Colonel (27 A.E. - 34 A.E.)
  • General (34 A.E. -)
  • Rifleman (8 B.E. - 2 A.E.)
  • Squad Leader (2 A.E. - 6 A.E.)
  • Platoon Sergeant (6 A.E. - 10 A.E.)
  • Platoon Leader (10 A.E. - 17 A.E.)
  • Field Officer (17 A.E. - 22 A.E.)
  • Staff Officer (22 A.E. -)



"Oh, fuck me."
— One of Colin's more popular phrases.

General Colin Davis, ES (COG tags CSID 8D9765-99GD4-GJ) was a hardened Gear and COG Army Commissioned Officer who fought in the last eight years of the Pendulum Wars, and all throughout the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic. During most of the Locust War he served under Donald Berkeley, whom had also led his unit during the Pendulum Wars.

Military CareerEdit

Pendulum WarsEdit

"So, let me get this straight. You joined the Army so you could avoid the draft and joining the Army?"
"Yeah, if I'm going to join up and die, I'd rather it'd happen because I wanted it too, not because some asshat politician told me too."
"You are the weirdest draft dodger I've ever met."
— Recruit Colin discussing the unusual reasons for his enlistment with his Drill Sergeant.

When Colin was sixteen, a string of devastating loses meant that Coalition forces had suffered an above average number of casualties, leaving them with a troop deficiency on several fronts. To make up for these loses, the COG began a draft to recover from them. Due to his value of freewill and personal choice, Colin decided that he would not allow the government to force him to join the army, so he decided to join on his own, enlisting soon after. After training, he was assigned to Foxtrot-Thirty Five of the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry and fought in many important battles, such as the Battle of Irohma Island. During the last year of the Pendulum Wars, he was transferred to the 142nd Royal Montevado Infantry, which participated in a diversionary attack on Bonbourg, where he became the first person to use the Hammer of Dawn in live fire after the command center was damaged, destroying four UIR vessels and indirectly forcing the surrender of the UIR and ending the Pendulum Wars. For his actions in helping end the war, Colin was awarded the Embry Star.

Locust WarEdit

"Welcome back to the club, Corporal! We missed you!"
"Yeah, great. I really couldn't stand being on the longest vacation of my life...
— Berkeley and Davis upon the latter's reenlistment.

After the Pendulum Wars had ended, Colin retired from the Army and attempted to integrate back into civilian life by attending a local community college in the town of Memhorn, living in a small house with his wife, Corinne. Six weeks after the armistice between the COG and UIR, massive sinkholes opened up in almost every major city on Sera. From these holes came subterranean, reptilian humanoids, who began murdering every human they saw, regardless of if they were civilian or military. On this day, dubbed Emergence Day, millions were killed in these first twenty six hours, with these 'Locust' decimating entire cities. A week later, a moderately sized Locust raiding party arrived at Memhorn and engaged the local COG garrison. Retrieving the Lancer and armor from a fallen Gear, he joined the battle against them, helping fight off the raiders, and although the Gears sustained multiple casualties, they pushed the Locust out of the town.

After his first engagement against the Locust, Colin felt extreme guilt over leaving the army and not being able to assist on E-Day. In order to make up for this, he went to a nearby recruitment center and re-enlisted in the Army. He was assigned to Golf-Fifty Eight, a squad attached to Platoon Iota-357 and part of E Company, 26th Royal Tyran Infantry, led by Captain Donald Berkeley, his old platoon leader from the Pendulum Wars. After being rearmed, E Company was deployed to the southern Tyran city of Jinria, which was under heavy Locust siege.

Battle of JinriaEdit

"What the fuck is that thing? A flying squid?"
— Colin upon first seeing a Reaver.

The Locust assault of Jinria showed that there would be no rest for mankind after E-Day. While the city was not directly attacked on E-Day, it had only taken three days before a large Locust force arrived at the outskirts. Taking Jinria's defenders by surprise, the Locust, led by General Govruk, pushed through the city rapidly, killing approximately sixty three percent of its population before the Gears arrived. Landing in King Ravens, Colin and the rest of E Company quickly went to work, attempting to push back Locust forces from their landing zones. The goal was to clear an area large enough to bring in reinforcements and allow evacuations to commence.

Almost immediately; however, the Gears ran into massive resistance, unprepared for Locust tactics and tenacity. As the day went on, casualties began to mount with very little gain, the only significant progress being made by the Gears of Iota-357, whom had managed to force the Locust back several blocks. Even then though, it was slow going and, four hours in, Captain Berkeley gave the order for the remainder of E Company, numbering around some forty Gears, to fall back to Iota's position, hoping to consolidate their defenses. Unfortunately, as the King Ravens lifted off, several of them were engaged and shot down by Reavers, reducing the company's numbers even further.

Fall of OkrandEdit

Defense of LonioEdit

Hammer of Dawn CounterattackEdit

"What the Hell is that? Corinne, run!"
— Colin just before the Hammer dropped.


Battle of TigowEdit

Siege of OqrarcEdit

Defense of MajosaEdit

Fall of LandownEdit

Battle of EphyraEdit

Lightmass OffensiveEdit

Siege of JacintoEdit

Lambent PandemicEdit


Second Battle of Azura & End of the WarEdit

"I'm going to go to Hell, and when I get there, I'm going to make the Devil pay for this shit."
— Davis upon the end of the war.


After the activation of Adam Fenix's Imulsion Countermeasure and the destruction of both the Locust and Lambent, the Clayvale Gears returned home and began the process of rebuilding. Utilizing new fabricators, whose blueprints were recovered from the computers on Azura, the rebuilding efforts went by faster than they could have hoped for. As houses were repaired or rebuilt, life for many began to resemble a form of normalcy that the residents of Clayvale hadn't experienced in years, and even the Stranded of Anteos were asked to join them in rebuilding.

Swarm ConflictEdit

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