This article, Communities, was written by Lieutenant Davis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Unlike the large Settlements constructed by the COG in order to provide comfortable living to a large number of civilians, the smaller Communities were far more practical in design. Whereas the COG's Settlements served as large cities, with starting populations in the high hundreds and serving as a more modern city, their Communities were built with specific purposes in mind, whether that be agriculture or manufacturing, and as such had smaller populations, never going above a thousand people.

These Communities are the lifeblood of the New COG's society, as without them, citizens living in New Ephyra and the Settlements would be unable to eat or be without DeeBees maintaining infrastructure or patrolling the streets. As such, they are highly important assets and their relatively low defenses and valuable resources make them prime targets for Outsider raids.

When the Swarm appeared in 42 A.E., many communities soon found themselves at the mercy of this new threat, as the COG's DeeBee forces were proven to be inadequate against the Swarm. In response, many communities that were attacked by the Swarm would send distress messages to the Confederation of Ordered Governments, more willing to betray the COG than being killed or taken.

Known CommunitiesEdit

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