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"Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think to myself, 'Did we really name our government what we did just so we could keep using all the old COG stuff?' Then I realize, yes. We did. Because we're petty."
— General Davis in his personal log.

The Confederation of Ordered Governments, also known as the Confederate COG, Confederation, or Clayvale COG, was a splinter faction of the Coalition of Ordered Governments formed some time after the conclusion of the Locust War when the city-state of Clayvale seceded from the Coalition. Disenfranchised with the Coalition's adoption of fascist and totalitarian practices, the Confederation instead espouses democratic and humanist ideals.

However, the Coalition has labeled the Clayvale COG as traitors and regards them as Outsiders (though the Clayvale COG themselves regards themselves as a separate faction from the Outsiders and in fact maintains only tenuous relations with them). The Coalition has done its best to limit the Clayvale COG's access to food, weapons, and supplies, forcing them to scavenge for much of their resources, and the official COG also maintains openly hostile relations with the Confederation.

Since the Clayvale Rebellion, the Confederation has expanded to include the city of Martizieu and several Outsider settlements. By 42 A.E., the Confederation of Ordered Governments could be considered a solid middle power in post-Locust War Sera.



The Confederate Armed Forces was a large military organization tasked with the defense of the Confederation and its allies and interests. Composed of a large standing Army, Air Corps, and Navy, the Confederate military was considered one of the more prominent on post-war Sera. Like the old Coalition before it, the Confederate military was formed of several component groups' armed forces, the largest and most powerful of which is the Clayvale Armed Forces, though every major settlement in the Confederacy has contributed at least a few regiments. In addition to its standing military, the Confederacy boasted a massive civilian militia force known as the Confederate Volunteers. In 42 A.E., the military nearly tripled in size upon the Martizian Union's admission into the Confederation.

Component ForcesEdit

Balerno Armed ForcesEdit

One of several city states in the Confederacy, Balerno has always prided itself on its military prestige and the quality of its soldiers. When Balerno seceded from the COG in the wake of the Clayvale Rebellion, it contributed twenty five infantry regiments, four rotary air wings, three armored regiments, an artillery regiment, and several support units.

Clayvale Armed ForcesEdit

Main article: Clayvale Armed Forces

The founding force of the Confederate military, the Clayvale Armed Forces was descended from a battalion-strength group of Gears fleeing from the Sinking of Jacinto. After the end of the war, this group became one of the leading forces in the reformed COG Army, eventually forming the 1st Clayvale Infantry. As the new COG continued to grow, so to did its army. When Jinn prepared to replace the COG's human troops with armed DeeBee robots, a large majority of the Army flocked to General Donald Berkeley and Lieutenant Colonel Colin Davis when they announced their intention to secede from the COG. In the aftermath of the ensuing rebellion, the survivors were reorganized into the Clayvale Armed Forces, a fairly well-rounded force consisting of an army, air corps, and navy. When other cities left the COG soon after the rebellion, they contributed their own military forces to the Armed Forces. When the Confederacy was formed, the Armed Forces were rebranded as the Confederate Armed Forces, consisting of units originating from the various cities of the Confederacy, rather than just Clayvale.

Martizian ArmyEdit

Main article: Martizian Army

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