It is when pirates count their booty that they become mere thieves. -

William Bolitho

About Edit

Born into a family of sea folk, Cornelius Tybalt can be classified only as a pirate. With his love of the sea and the use of his favorite pistol, Tybalt continues to ravage and plunder all parts of the world. Recently, after the death and request of his close friend and ex-gear Mag-Pie, he join the Marauders. He has a messy beard, short cropped hair, and a gold tooth on his right front tooth. His clothing still has a pirate look to it, although it has been modernized. His once black coat still remains except now it covers a beat up bullet proofed vest, which still protects him after countless uses. His only choice of weapons are a Pistol, a cutless, and a flame throwerer that he keeps on hand in case of an emergency.

With his short fumed attitude and a wide spread joking personality, Cornelius (always known as Tybalt by his peers) loves beind the center of attention even in the roughest situations. He tries to control his temper, but mostly fails unsuccessfully. Tybalt gets along with many people, or at least attempts to. After Mag-Pie's death, he began to change his ways that would suit both his new life and that of a pirates.

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