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Unknown, before E-Day

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"The Locust make their home in darkness. But I am its lord. And my brethren are right to fear me."
— Crux, unknown date.

While the Locust Horde was dominated completely by Queen Myrrah by the time of E-Day, she has not always held such power. Fragments of a written history have been pieced together through findings during Operation: Hollow Storm and diving expeditions into the flooded caverns, but it seems many records dating before Myrrah's reign have been damaged or destroyed. In what remains, one subject repeatedly mentioned is the Acolytes of the Deep Caverns, and most notable among them is Crux.

The Acolytes were of their own unique breed, a line sired only by Kantus monk sub-species. They were devoted to the very lowest fissures in Sera's crust, and firmly opposed Myrrah's desire to conquer the surface, believing they could find refuge from the Lambent farther underground. A few years before E-Day, it resulted in a brief and bloody war, which the Acolytes lost. The last of their kind retreated into the places even Myrrah didn't dare send her forces, where they would die out in solitude. But the strongest of them would survive, living as hermits and wandering the tunnels untouched since the centuries of their excavation. Every few years, a rumor of one being sighted in Myrrah's domain circulated, but these were always extinguished after the Queen's Theron Guards passed through, with a disappearance or two left in their wake.

If Myrrah feared anything, it was Crux. Despite the likelihood of his death, either when his order fell or in the years since, the chance he had survived worried her because he was one of the few with knowledge of the Locust's origins. If used correctly, it could have sewn discord among the castes and made uniting them against humans or Lambent impossible, spelling doom for them just as surely as Adam Fenix's weapons did.



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