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Mark 3 Fighter 'Czarnobog'
Production information

State Aviation Company of the Republic of Brazeria

Technical specifications
  • Two 20mm cannons
  • Four hardpoints for:
    • 70mm rocket pods
    • 20mm gun pods
    • 250 pound bombs
    • Heat-seeking Sokol air-to-air missiles (after 12 BE)





Pendulum Wars


The Mark 3 Fighter Craft, known more commonly as the Czarnobog, was the mainline fighter of the Brazerian Armed Forces from 20 BE to 0 BE, although production was restarted after the end of the Locust War. The aircraft was initially developed by the State Aviation Company of the Republic of Brazeria in 22 BE as a quick and agile aircraft to counter the appearance of the Petrel. The first batch of 20 aircraft were delivered to the 11th Fighter Escadrille 'City of Szava' in 20 BE, proving itself to be a formidable fighter, driving back a squadron of Petrels with no losses to the Brazerians.

After this engagement, the Brazerian Armed Forces demanded that all of their piston-driven fighters be replaced with the Czarnobog as quickly as possible, a process that was completed by 16 BE as all available production lines shifted to building the new fighter. The widespread appearance of these new fighters caught the COG Air Corps by surprise, and led to Brazerian commanders being able to cut off surrounded COG forces from resupply by air, forcing the Air Corps to scramble to develop new tactics to counter the Czarnobog, though the Brazerian fighter's blistering speed coupled with the skill of its pilots led to the main counter being increased numbers of Armadillo APCs fitted with anti-aircraft guns in units combating the Brazerians.

After word of the peace process between the COG and UIR to end the Pendulum Wars reached the Brazerian Air Force's squadrons, the pilots and maintainers, rather than allowing their fighters to fall into COG hands, instead destroyed or disabled them by any means necessary, including some pilots taking off and purposefully bailing out of their aircraft soon afterward to ensure with certainty it was destroyed.

After the end of the Locust War, Czarnobog production started once again, though not at the same feverish rate as had been seen during the Pendulum Wars. After Brazeria's alliance with the Confederation of Ordered Governments, the COG troopers came to develop a level of respect for the aircraft and its pilots, thugh those who had fought in the Pendulum Wars against Brazeria found it hard to forget the many times they had nearly been killed by one.

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