DR Squad: Kilo1
Unit Background

Deep Recon for the CoG Special Forces


Special Forces Detachment at Karrum, Pelles

Unit Motto

"It don't get deeper than this."

Unit size

Fourteen Strong

Subordinate Units



Captain Bryan Grains

Current Status

On loan to Pelles for aid in restructuring local CoG Military Forces. Post E-Day: Status unkown


DR Squad: Kilo1Edit

A crack Deep Recon Squad of Gears led by the seasoned and grizzled Lieutenant Bryan Grains. Before the end of the Pendulum wars, DR: Kilo1, under Grains were instrumental in locating hidden weapons factories deep inside Pelles. These discoveries led to the destruction of the factories and though small victories, helped speed the end of the war. Once the war ended, the squad was stationed in Pelles to aid in the transition from an Independent Republic, to a CoG member. This was not what DR:K1 was trained for, but at the time, Dalyell felt it necessary to keep a force of troops there to keep order, and these men knew the lay of the land. Grain's wasn't happy, but followed orders like a good soldier. On E-Day, DR:K1 was on leave. Sent back to Pelles for emergency support, they fortified the CoG military there, which was still loosely organized and talk of rebellion within the military led to distrust in the leadership. As the fighting got worse, Premier Deshenko enacted a law that gave him authority to command all troops within his borders, be they on loan from a foreign government, or his own. Though the legality of this law was shady and questioned by most as a knee-jerk reaction to the Horde and his loss of soldiers, DR:K1 was outnumbered and deep within Pelles, so Grains decided to stay put, rather than risk outright insubordination. DR:K1 stayed and fought the Locus alongside a dwindling number of new Gears and a crumbling government. When Prescott made his announcement that he would unleash the Hammer of Dawn and that all humans had three days to get to Ephyra, DR:K1 was luckily enough to be on break back at the base in Karrum, a major city in Pelles. Grains saw the announcement and decided right then and there, his men would be getting out. Though they met with a little resistance, DR:K1 managed to escape the city, commandeered a Dill and stuck to the back roads to get out of Pelles. The only problem was Karrum was on the far side from Tyrus and with constant encounters with Locus and having to save civilians, they were slowed down considerably. As the Hammer of Dawn struck, they were still in the countryside and found a farmhouse with a storm cellar they could hide in. Now, with much of Sera in ruins, Grain's is intent on getting his men to Ephyra and what little is left of home.


Lt. Bryan Grains. Sgt. Brandon Hayes. Sgt. Jack Pierce. Corporal Raymond Hillyard. Corporal Ryan Jameson. Private Ian Talbot. Private John Higgins. Private Brad Hensly.

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