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Damien Gregor was a businessman from Vasgar, who escaped to Tyrus after Vasgar became occupied by UIR forces from Gorasnaya towards the end of the Pendulum Wars. After coming to Tyrus, Gregor started a highly successful casino chain, raking in millions in revenue. After E-Day much of the infrastructure to Gregor's casino business was destroyed, and as such he closed his business, took his fortune and began a career as a COG official. After the passing of the Fortification Act, Gregor was placed in charge of a birthing creche in the city of Madrigal. However, Gregor was an unscrupulous supervisor, enjoying the extra food rations his position provided and happily embezzling funding money for the creche. In order to boost his creche's production quotas and acquire more funding, Gregor paid off COG law enforcement in various cities to abduct young women off the streets and force them into his birthing farms against their will, as was the case with Amanda Morrison.

During the Siege of Madrigal in 5 A.E. Gregor was killed by the Theron Sentinel Yortuk, who threw Gregor through a window, leaving him to be eaten by Kryll.

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