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Damien Mars is a Stranded who led the town of Lion's Heart. He supposedly died.

Biography Edit

Damien is a South Islander who moved to the mainlands when the Pendulum Wars brought devastation to his home. He joined the COG at the age of 18 and fought the Locust during E-Day. Somehow surviving the devastation, Damien abandoned the COG and helped other survivors stay safe from the Locust monsters. Thus, he founded the camp of Lion's Heart. Under his lead, the survivors managed to stay clear of Locust and saw only two raids in it's long history. Lion's Heart grew to the size of a small town as more and more Stranded came to the camp. This is when he met Jessica, who was also a South Islands native.

It was love at first sight and within months, she became pregnant with Damien's child. Soon after their child was born, Jessica mysteriously disappeared, leaving Damien heartbroken and depressed though the responsibility of keeping Lion's Heart safe managed to keep him going, that and his son. He raised his son with qualities of integrity, courage, and respect, things that became scarce in the new world. To help his son survive, he taught the child many survival techniques like how to make weapons, how to hunt, and how to stay hidden. Later in his life, Lion's Heart was attacked by Locust and he was cut off from his son. Currently, his whereabouts are unknown.

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