Donald Wilson
Biographical information
Date of birth

6 years before Emergence Day

Physical description

Lance Corporal






6' ft.

  • Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle
  • Boltok Pistol
  • Torque Bow
  • Bolo Grenade
  • Engineering Tools
    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Screwdriver Set
    • Blow-Torch
    • Wire Cutters
  • Communications earpiece
  • Googles
  • Flashlight
  • Detonator Cord
  • Detonator Switch
  • Engineer Armor
Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • Locust War
  • Lambent Pandemic
  • Coalition of Ordered Governments
    • COG Engineering Corps

Donald Wilson is a young frontline experienced engineer with gray-blue eyes and dark brown hair. Having grown up at a Jacinto Orphanage he spent most of his childhood hiding from the Locust and helping out the other kids as he got older. With the only father figure he knew being an engineer who volunteered to help out at the orphanage when he could, Donald knew what and who he wanted to become when he was old enough.

Even though he is only 20 by the time of the Lightmass Offensive he is already married to Kerri Vice-Wilson who works in CIC while he is a member of the COG's engineering corps. One of his first assignments was to work at the North Gate Agricultural Depot and keep it up and running as well as maintenance works on 'Dills, Centaurs and other vehicles and weapons. "And puttin' up wi' bloody bitchin' gears!"

When news of impending Locust attack had to spent several sleepless nights getting the Depot ready to be moved and drive/protect one of the lorries during the transfer. After the flooding of Jacinto and evacuating to Port Farrell he spent more nights getting places habitable for civies and gears "While I froze my arse off!"

During which some nights when he was able to free himself, he and his wife where able to get some alone time and "re-acquaint" themselves with each other. Once news starting spreading of the remnant being shipped to an island they both starting discussing about having children, since Kerri had lied from an early age so she wasn't sent to one of the farms because she was afraid and figured someone else would go in her place anyway. While on-board one of the Ravens' Nests, Donald and his team were working on several Ravens doing basic repairs, he was surprised by Kerri with the news she was pregnant. "I'm going to be a father!!" yelling loudly and cheerful picking Kerri up into his arms as his friends congratulated them. When they arrived at Vectes Naval Base, Donald pulled some strings and bartered his time so he and Kerri could be one of the few able to un-bark and move into the base first.

After that Kerri stayed mainly inside their new appartment while Donald was sent with the other engineers to get the rest of the base operational. A few nights after the remnant had settled into the base he, Kerri and friends celebrated her pregnancy at the local bar in Pelran, the locals kept their distance from them for most of the night believing that they could be just like the Gears; itching to kill something.

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